Connecitcut Masonary - WORST NIGHTMARE! Stay away from Connecticut masonary LLC

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Be very careful...DO NOT fall for his false promises...he NEVER finished any of our projects and took off with our money. No...we are not dumb to pay him ahead..but he will make sure that he leaves our house in such a situation that if he ask for extra money that point saying 'I can't move forward without any money and I need to buy this and that for your house give me a money today or it will take months to finish the project'..wnaht can you do.. you can't live with half roof for whole winter...thats how he gets money out of you. All his BIG talks are hopeless....he is devil in human form. If there is GOD ..Luis Rosas will be punished for his selfish and evil deeds.

Yes..that'ss his website..he thinks he can keep tricking people and run away and hide for few months and then get back in business of cheating more people of their hard earned money.

Luis will be punished for your sins.

Review about: Luis Rosas.



called him. came back & wanted MORE MONEY!!MAS DINERO to fix his "work"

One of his guys got tired of waiting for concrete & left the job on his motorcycle


Why doesn't any of the customers post their name's and addresses and(or) contact the business owner?

This is a load of ***, and possible competitors trying to taint his business. Luis Rosas contact the authorities and all of these bogus complaints will surely get removed. Simple as that!

If listing's keep getting posted, have the authorities contact the domain owner and host provider to get there ip address which is unique to the customer provided at a given time by the internet provider company. It's like a fingerprint. The authorities will then pay a visit to that person.


thank you very much for your complains dear customer i really appreciate it!!! however i would like to know your name and phone number.

here is my contact info, please i encourage you to call us as soon as posible i dont have your information and and do not know who you are COMPLAIN?? JOHN??? WE ARE A SUCCESSFULL COMPANY HAPPY AND PROUD AND ALWAYS CLEAR AND JUST! IM NOT BEHIND STAGE OR SAYING THINGS BEHIND A WEBSITE I WE ALWAYS FACE PROBLEMS IF THERES WOULD BE ONE!!


203 675 6998 CELL

203 404 5087 OFFICE





I agree with the last message about Luis Rosas and CT Masonry, Inc..He promised all kinds of beautiful things in his price, but it always ended up costing extra somehow.

He was supposed to fix the overflow problem with our new driveway that he put in but said it required more money.....not if it was his design and his design did not work properly. We reported him to the Better Business Bureau. They don't really do anything except post issues with his company if someone goes on to research him. At least it is there.

I hope he gets what he deserves also.:(


ripped us off too

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